Flipper Zero Transparent

Did I really need a transparent Flipper? No… but I did end up ordering one which let me look over some other custom firmwares that are available for the Flipper.

I was looking over the CFW’s listed here: GitHub: djsime1 / awesome-flipperzero / Firmwares.md

I’ve typically always stuck with Unleashed or RogueMaster’s CFW, but figured I would try something different here & decided on Xtreme (GitHub). I never really noticed that much instability with RogueMaster’s, but still wanted to try something different with Xtreme. I’m working on flashing it now, however I seem to be getting hung on the “Updating resources” step, so may need to debug that a little bit. I’ll have to see how this compares to the other CFW’s I’ve used, & if i plan to stick with it.

My transparent Flipper "updating resources"
Updating resources…

Fun with Flipper Zero

I’m trying to play around more with my Flipper Zero, especially since I came across info on custom firmware to unlock some extra features with the device. The install was extremely simple, just using the qFlipper application to flash the CFW: GitHub: RogueMaster / flipperzero-firmware-wPlugins.

There were a few extra steps to take after flashing, but as long as you read the instructions provided, it should work fine. I still have to play around with it a bit & see what else I can do with it, but I will definitely be reading \ loading most of what’s available through RogueMaster‘s awesome-flipperzero-withModules GitHub repo.

I haven’t actually played any of the included games or used the Game Mode, but since I’ve seen some questions in the Discord asking how to disable it (despite it being in the instructions 😉 ) I figured I would also include it here for reference: UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT CENTER LEFT CENTER
That looks somewhat familiar 😉

EDIT20220715-1913: SMc: Also want to make note of this:
/r/FlipperZero: WiFi Dev Board with Marauder firmware