Moving from Authy to Another 2FA App

Despite the convenience of having Authy’s ability to sync across devices, I decided I wanted to change my 2FA app to Android’s andOTP. To do this (without unenrolling & re-enrolling myself in 2FA for my 50+ services), I needed to find a way to export my secrets from Authy. I did find a few posts on the topic, but didn’t have any luck with those guides. Most seemed to be a variation on the same process of getting the secrets from the Authy Chrome extension.

GitHubGist: Generating Authy passwords on other authenticators

What I did end up finding that finally worked, was to pull the XML containing details on each entry in Authy, thanks to this post: GBATemp: extract your totp keys from authy using chrome:

Good job, this tutorial is great for people who need to extract their keys out of Authy without needing a rooted Android/Jailbroken iPhone to grab them from the mobile app.

For people with rooted Android phones, the totp keys are stored here:

The filepath is what I was looking for

In the past, when I was using Google Authenticator, you had the ability to pull the database from the Android app, assuming you were rooted. The above process seems to be similar, just for the Authy app, instead of Google Authenticator: /data/data/

This post is for my own reference, & for anyone else that may want to move from Authy, to another authenticator app.