Here are some of the Security Tools \ Services i like to use on my various devices.

  • Yes, god-awful name, but you don’t have to choose that domain as your email address. Web Mail appears to have support for PGP Keys, however I’m having problems generating or importing right now.
  • DuckDuckGo: A privacy-focused alternative search engine.
  • Encryption Tools: This one is up for debate… You can either choose to trust TrueCrypt \ VeraCrypt, or use another alternative. For the time being, I’ve been using VeraCrypt, but in no way endorse it, seeing as how it could also have some of the TrueCrypt vulnerabilities as well.
  • EncryptPad: Another encrypted note-taking app. This one does not store your data, so you can choose which platform you would like to sync (or not sync) with.
  • KeePass Password Safe: There are several front-ends for this, on various platforms. For the most part I run Linux & macOS, so my client of choice is KeePassXC.
  • Prism Break: Another helpful resource of online privacy focused tools.
  • A list of very helpful tools for online privacy.
  • ProtonMail: “Secure Email Based in Switzerland”
  • StandardNotes: Cross-platform, encrypted note-taking app. Apps for Android & iOS, as well as a web app. Also hosts your data, so no 3rd Party app needed for syncing.