My transparent Flipper "updating resources"

Did I really need a transparent Flipper? No… but I did end up ordering one which let me look over some other custom firmwares that are available for the Flipper.

I was looking over the CFW’s listed here: GitHub: djsime1 / awesome-flipperzero /

I’ve typically always stuck with Unleashed or RogueMaster’s CFW, but figured I would try something different here & decided on Xtreme (GitHub). I never really noticed that much instability with RogueMaster’s, but still wanted to try something different with Xtreme. I’m working on flashing it now, however I seem to be getting hung on the “Updating resources” step, so may need to debug that a little bit. I’ll have to see how this compares to the other CFW’s I’ve used, & if i plan to stick with it.

My transparent Flipper "updating resources"
Updating resources…