Xbox App: “Administrator approval required for installation.”

So I got a new gaming computer last year, & as usual when I’m running Windows, I don’t login with a user account that has administrator rights. Instead, I login with a regular user account, & if I need to do something as admin, I’m either prompted (i.e.: Installing MSI’s) or I can “Run as administrator” through the context menu. Well it looks like that plan has a hole when trying to use the native win10\win11 Xbox app, & to install at least some games, the two I’m finding now are Halo Infinite & Halo: The Master Chief collection.

Halo Infinite: Administrator approval required for installation.
Halo: The Master Chief Collection

So I have a feeling I’m at least going to temporarily give my regular account admin rights to install the games, then I can remove, but it’s ridiculous that Microsoft can’t account for this. It’s not just the Xbox app either. It’s all the bundled “Metro” apps that are installed & updated through the Windows Store. If you try to run Windows Terminal as a different user, that user needs to have it installed. Apps are installed per-user, not for the system, so it’s just one more reason to continue using MSI \ installer EXE’s until this can be done a better way.

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