Nintendo Switch Homebrew

I’ve been keeping an eye on this scene for a while now, eagerly awaiting the release of Fusée Gelée from Kate Temkin since she revealed the capabilities of the flaw. I’m a huge fan of releases like these that let you have more control over the system that you purchased, whether it be rooting an Android device, jailbreaking an Apple one, or getting Custom Firmware running on a Nintendo 2/3DS. I like those processes because it opens the platform to more customization, & not because of the ability to pirate games. Unfortunately, that part almost always follows when these techniques get released, which ends up giving users who want more open platforms a bad name.

Ethics aside, I am excited to get started on this myself.
– Kate Temkin: Hardware Hacker: FAQ: Fusée Gelée
– GitHub: reswitched / fusee-launcher
– fail0verflow: ShofEL2, a Tegra X1 and Nintendo Switch exploit
– GitHub: fail0verflow / shofel2
– GitHub: fail0verflow / switch-arm-trusted-firmware
– GitHub: fail0verflow / switch-coreboot
– GitHub: fail0verflow / switch-u-boot
– GitHub: fail0verflow / switch-linux

EDIT: 20180501: Well I worked on this over the weekend, & was at least able to get the Fusée Gelée display:

Used a paperclip to bridge ports 1 & 10.

Switch booted to Fusée Gelée screen

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