Rooting Google WiFi

Plenty of other sites have already brought this up, but I wanted to have it referenced here for myself. I gave it a shot for myself & while I think I followed it all the way through, still seem to be missing the root access part. Will have to give it another round & see which step I may have missed.

GitHub: marcosscriven/galeforce

  • Remove the screw & gently pry off the bottom of the unit.
  • Hold the [RESET] button while plugging in a USB-C adapter with Power Delivery. The two I bought to use are: (1) dodocool USB C Hub Type C 3.1 Power Delivery, (2) USB-C Hub, iClever Mutiport Adapter
  • Keep the [RESET] button held until the status light is blinking orange
  • Next step, press “the tiny bubble switch” that marcosscriven shows in his post
  • The status light will then blink purple again, & then restart itself
  • Wait for the device to complete the reboot, & begins blinking purple again
  • Insert the pre-formated USB stick & press the “bubble switch” once more. You should then be all set!

Here is where I ran into the issue. At this point you should be able to login as root:

ssh root@
Password: changeme

And for the love of god… Please, Please, PLEASE, make the first thing you do, is change the password. If you’re running through this process, you’re probably already a bit of a g33k, so changing the password should already be the first thing on your mind.

For those who aren’t g33ks, the password can be changed with the passwd command

EDIT 20170723-0912EST:
Yesterday I had opened an issue on the galeforce repo, with the problem I was having (listed above): Solid Purple But No SSH? #3. marcosscriven responded to me, to lend a hand to me & another user that was having the same issue. I’m assuming my problem was definitely user-related, so I gave the process another shot.

I followed the exact same process, except this time I used the OnHub Recovery Utility to make the USB drive. After that, I was all set!

A Google WiFi device in Developer Mode

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